Our Commitment to our Clients


  1. We commit to two face to face meetings per year to address and review all aspects of your wealth management picture.
  2. We will touch base with you at least twice per year by phone or otherwise to review information with specific relevance to you.
  3. Always have a team member in the office to aid you with any ad hoc requests you might have.


  1. We ensure all aspects of your personal finances including financial planning, tax planning, estate planning, insurance and investments are cohesively organized.
  2. We manage your money with precise customization to you.
  3. Our fees are lower than the big 5 banks and we are always searching how to further reduce costs for our clients.


  1. You will be treated with the highest level of respect and dignity.
  2. We will return emails and phone messages within 24 hours or sooner.
  3. There are no dumb questions and you will never be made to feel that you are putting us out by asking us about anything.

Our Clients’ Commitment to Us


  1. You agree to take your financial future seriously and are consistently engaged in the wealth management process.
  2. You agree to keep us abreast of anything that could reasonably be expected to affect your financial situation in any way.
  3. You will let us know if we are not meeting your expectations in any way so that we can work together to correct the issue.